Sunday, June 26, 2016


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[ ] IMPORTANT! You were in a car crash 2 years ago and I put you in this simulation, but I need $1,000,000 to keep it running!

[ ] Exponential growth where it counts!

[ ] Size isn't everything! Our clinic offers options for prehensility, custom secretions, and now, FULL AUTOMATION!

[ ] Earn $$$ from home! One simple outpatient procedure and you can sell your own dopamine!

[ ] FOR SALE: 3 bolts human skin. Ethically harvested, not vatgrown. Not tanned, sold as is. Ask for Bill.

[ ] Lost Cat. Tan with black markings. Answers to Xerxes. May be masquerading as a salesman, don't buy anything he is selling.

[ ] Oscar Victor Echo Romeo Tango Hotel India November Kilo India November Golf

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