Tuesday, December 19, 2017


This world is seas and steppes and deserts without end. It is bounded only by the earth and the sky. 

The new church says that the Exile did not want to accept anything given, but to make something for himself. Thus he left heaven and crafted a world of his own. It was a poor imitation of his Father's work, a mundane place of death and suffering. We are trapped in hell, and the Exile is our jailer. The church worships the Father, and teaches its members to accept the gifts given by their superiors. If we prove ourselves worthy, we can escape the cycle of reincarnation that traps us and transmigrate into heaven.

The old cults say that the exile was one of seven Children, one for each of the seven virtues: ambition, brinkmanship, defiance, creativity, insight, grace, and reciprocity. They killed their Father, dooming heaven, and created this world as a refuge. Each Child has its cult, and if you please them, they will give you a pleasing rebirth.

The apostates say that the Exile still walks the world, guiding his children towards greater heights. They do not believe transmigration to heaven is possible, but that we can help Him succeed and create a world to rival heaven. The apostates teach that it is best to be self-sufficient and a gifts only if they cannot make it themselves.

All agree on one point. This world is Hell.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Elk

Alexey was looking for silhouettes on the horizon when he heard a branch snap behind him and he was turning and bringing up his shotgun when the elk slammed into him.

It was so large up close. It snorted, sending burst of fog into the cold air. He could hear the power of its lungs. It opened its mouth, revealing row after row of the teeth and fangs of many animals.

The elk bit into his leg and tugged, pulling him along the ground. It kept tugging until a piece of flesh was torn free, and lifted its head to chew.

Then Alexey was trying to remember what was happening. Why did his leg feel so strange? Everything came rushing back and he realized he had passed out. Much more of his leg was missing now, and he could see bone in several places, but there was no pain. He realized he was still gripping the shotgun.

Alexey struggled to lift the shotgun with one hand. He fired as soon as the barrel was pointed in the right direction. The recoil slammed the gun out of his hand and deafened him. The elk seemed unaffected, until blood began to flow from its thick matted fur. Then it resumed eating him, and he passed out again.