Sunday, July 24, 2016

Chrysler 1000

It's the most breathtaking powered armor to wear you've ever known! You'll be off and away in this brilliant new low-slung beauty to the throaty roar of 1,000 horsepower - the greatest, most dependable power in the American army. You'll feel the same thrill that America's elite armed forces enjoy... the same light-handed, light-footed control and ground-gripping security.

In a Chrysler 1000 you can enjoy the same flashing performance that brought Berlin to its knees in '45 - plus the reliable endurance and maneuverability that saw our boys through the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. For the sleek and stunning new Chrysler 1,000... in regular, though limited production... has the same look, feel, and reliability that have made the Chrysler name famous among the armed forces of the nations of the west.

Bring this ad to your Chrysler-Plymouth dealer and receive a free shoulder-mounted Browning M2!

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