Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thunderson & Sons Powered Arms and Armour

"Congratulations on your induction, sir. Many members of the Ironclad Order use our work and are well satisfied."

"We make the "Thunder Child" style of actuated plate, exclusively. Guild-standard titanium alloy and synthetic muscle strong enough to carry its own weight plus an additional 250 lbs. Protection without sacrificing mobility."

"Lets discuss armament. We usually recommend a weapon for soft targets, a weapon for hard targets, and at least one backup."

"For soft targets, you can't go wrong with a half-inch caliber, belt-fed, machine rifle. A bit bland, I will admit, but it will never let you down. Or perhaps you would prefer our gas-fueled flame thrower. Brutal, but undeniably effective."

"For hard targets I usually suggest a 6 inch recoilless rifle. Many swear by it. Its the most powerful armament we make, and we offer a wide range of warheads, giving the weapon a great deal of flexibility. If you are looking for precision, my second son's inch-caliber long-rifle is second-to-none, with an effective accuracy out to mile and enough power to threaten plate."

"For backup, many of our clients swear by my third son's quarter-inch rapid-fire gun. That one can be mounted on the head or wrist. Not a precision weapon but volume of fire can provide its own accuracy. A tear-gas dispenser is another popular option, especially if you are concerned about being mobbed."

"Very good sir. Hail the House of Many Suns."

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