Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Does your dog know his name, or does he know you want his attention? Does he actually identify himself with "Rex", or has he learned a sound which means you want his attention?

Think, why would an ancient, unknowable being would have a name at all?

Their names don't define them, their names don't give us power over them. Their names are the words we've discovered that draw their attention, and you must be very cautious about drawing their attention.

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  1. Labels are useful until they are not useful. They make us belong in society, but when that label is wielded against us, we must elude society's strictures by inventing new labels. We create ourselves with names, but they are like snail shells. Ultimately we fit the name to ourselves and society tries to fit ourselves to the name. Words are martyred by their oppressors and then resurrected by their rightful owners. Using someone's name against them would be like using a wizard's staff against it's owner. You might think you're powerful at first, but it's really going to backfire.