Sunday, October 4, 2015

277. Mementos

The continuity of a morph from ego to ego can be an awkward subject. Most people try not to think about the fact that their body was part of other people's lives, and morph brokers generally try to return their product to a "neutral" status. Nanotats can be reset, the minor and even major injuries of life can be healed without scars, and distinctive features can be altered.

Some embrace the fact that they are neither the first nor last inhabitant of a body. They become fascinated by its past, and like to be able to display a sense of its history. Often they will leave mementos for each other: distinctive accessories, tattoo, designer scars, psychosurgeried habits, or other small items that tell the story of the morph.

Plot Hook: When one of the PCs resleeves, the new morph comes with a set of mementos in a public storage locker. In addition to a necklace of polished teeth, a antique bullet casing, patterns for a gunshot scar, and an old hat, the locker contains an item of importance to the character. It seems they may have been sleeved into this morph once before, but they have no memory of it.

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