Friday, March 31, 2017



Let me answer every plea for help. Let me drag every corruption into the light. Let no defeat be final, but let me rise again, always. I place myself between the innocent and horror, let my shield never fail.


Stitching up all the bites and rent flesh felt pointless after a while. I wondered if there wasn't a better way, if I shouldn't double down on prevention. It's like cutting out a tumor, really.


No, I don't fight fair. Ideally, I don't fight at all. Its a hunt, not a duel, so blow its head off before it even knows you're there. What is more important, my honor, or the lives that might be lost if I give a monster any chance to slip away?


Knowledge is power. This is the cliche, but it is wrong. Secrets are power. Secrets that I have and you don't. Secret histories, secret crimes, secret insights, and secrets about you. We are locked in a war of maneuver, and only I can see the terrain.


Use a dog to hunt a wolf, set a monster to catch a monster. I know why they do what they do, and what they'll do next. Besides, you can't really be certain anything is dead unless you've digested it.

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