Sunday, July 26, 2015

207. Blood Capsules

Blood capsules are the most common name for a nanotech design containing individual molecules within a simple nanite. The nanites have no means of moving themselves or doing any action except to open themselves and release the molecule they contain. The most basic versions are decades old, but since the patents expired the open source community has been refining the designs and opening up new uses, allowing the nanites to be opened upon receiving a mesh signal or upon contact with certain chemicals.

The paranoid often inject capsules containing antidotes, programmed to open upon contact with their poison, rendering them effectively immune. As a tool of assassination, blood capsules can be quite dramatic, as when a Pax Familae agent was able to inject capsules containing the necrosis nanotoxin, causing a horrific death by sudden, whole-body internal bleeding as his vessels were dissolved.

Capsules are commonly combined with DMSO for ease of application, especially if they are being applied against the subjects will.


Blood capsules are treated as chemicals [Low]

Blood capsules contain one dose of a drug, chemical or toxin, set to be released upon a pre-programmed condition, usually a signal by radio or mesh, contact with a specific chemical, or a simple timer.

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