Wednesday, September 16, 2015

259. Disbelief

Enhanced intelligence, without a period of reevaluation, results only in more sophisticated defenses of pre-held beliefs. In order to take full advantage of a cognitive upgrade you must be willing to allow your newly intelligent self to come to new conclusions about the world. A spin-off from dissonance therapy, disbelief is a psychosurgical procedure inducing a temporary lack of any strong beliefs. Even if the subject comes out of the period with the same worldview they entered it with, they'll have gained a new perspective.

Disbelief is also used by some organizations as a means of cult deprogramming or to counter virulent meme-sets.


Disbelief is a psychosurgical procedure.

The effects of disbelief are temporary, with a half-life of 2 weeks.

Timeframe: 1 day
PM: 0
SV: 1d10/2

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