Saturday, August 1, 2015

213. Mute

Mute, also called "babble" or "cat", is a nanodrug that induces a total aphasia, with a temporary but complete loss of any ability to speak, write, or understand language in any way. Artists often use mute as way of unhooking themselves from the cognitive bias that can come with language, others as part of a cocktail designed to focus them into an intuitive, visual state. Some scientists have also experimented with mute as a means of approaching pure logic, but with minimal proven results.


Mute is a nanodrug [Trivial]

Type: Nano Application: INJ Duration: 3 hours Addiction Modifier: +10 Addiction Type: Mental

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  1. On several Scum Swarms, it's popular to mix it with aphrodesiacs and cognitive inhibitors, to form a cocktail known as "Dumb F@(k". 😉