Thursday, August 20, 2015

232. Silhouettes

Self-documenting equipment, ubiquitous AR, and intense mesh use produce massive amounts of data, data sub-sentient AIs and expert systems are constantly trawling, correlating, and running through various models and pattern matching algorithms. Expert systems are often taught to see what is around what has been hidden, making out the outlines of secrets based on anomalous data in mundane databases. Firewall's operation THIRD EYE is no different: it sees as if in silhouettes against a starry backdrop.

Post-singularity, intelligence and analysis are supplemented heavily with prognostication. Gathered intelligence enhances the predictive power of an organization, but predictive power can also be used to supplement intelligence. Predictions for the short-term future of Mars become more accurate if the model is programmed to account for the probable actions of a Mars Authority anti-barsoomian secret police, so it can be assumed that such an organization exists.

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