Friday, January 23, 2015

23. Centaur

Picture a robotic, mythical centaur. Now replace the human portion with a an upright weapons/sensor turret. Now picture it sprinting across the desert at 40km/h, firing its machine-gun with useful accuracy. Now picture them running in packs.

Rooted in the quadrupedal robots of the early 21st century, centaurs (or its derivatives, variants and ancestors) have been a common sight on the battlefield as a cost-effective supplement to conventional ground forces.

The centaurs quadrupedal movement allows for a powerful combination of fast sprinting with agility over rough terrain. The centaur can move at up to 40km/h over even ground, and still makes 30km/h over difficult ground.

Post-Fall, centaurs and centaur-variants are used by the Martian Rangers, Jovian Republic and any habitats with sufficiently wide hallways. They are most commonly paired with a soldier or another centaur.


Centaurs are robots [Expensive]

Movement Rate: 4/40 Max Velocity: 40 Armor: 14/12 Durability: 40 Wound Threshold: 8 Mobility System: Walker

Enhancements: 360 Degree Vision, Access Jacks, Enhanced Vision, Light Combat Armor, 2 Weapon Mounts (1 Swivel with Rail Machine-gun, 1 Swivel with Seeker Rifle with HE minimissiles)


Inspired by the image Big Dog by Long Ouyang.

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