Thursday, January 29, 2015

29. Swarm Gun

The swarm gun has a deceptively low-tech appearance, like a classic sawn-off shotgun from old media. Unlike a sawn-off shotgun, it has four barrels arranged in a square, and usually an attached smartgun system. The weapon is one of the sole break-action weapons in current use, meaning that the gun opens like a hinge to allow placement of the warheads directly in the ends of the barrels.

Jovian Security often announce their presence with the simultaneous detonation of EMP, Concussion, Overload, and CS Gas seekers, many zone stalkers swear by x1 EMP and x3 Plasma seekers as a TITAN warmachine/nanoswarm cure-all and x4 HEAP warheads are a threat to even the most overbuilt of synths.


Swarm guns are wielded with the seeker weapons skill.

Swarm Gun [Moderate]

The swarm gun fires 4 micromissiles simultaneously. All four missiles must be aimed at the same target. An action is required to reload the gun. On a critical glitch, the GM may declare that the simultaneous launch has caused one of the seekers to detonate prematurely.