Tuesday, January 27, 2015

27. Plasticity Treatments

The functions of the brain are not trapped in neatly demarcated areas. Give enough time, the brain will reroute or relearn many tasks, allowing for significant recovery after some brain damage. It is during infancy and childhood that the brain is most plastic and capable of learning at great rates.

With a cycle of plasticity treatments, these great learning and adapting abilities can be regained, no matter the age. A tailored retrovirus followed by a short round of hormones allows the brain to once again rapidly adjust itself to new circumstances. The treatment has become popular with those attempting to learn new suites of skills, adjust to new morphs or otherwise adapt themselves to long-term, radical changes. The cost, however, can be high. Memories formed before the treatments began slowly become unintelligible to the newly altered brain.


Plasticity treatments are bioware [Moderate]

Plasticity treatments halve the time necessary to learn new skills, acclimate to new morphs and more (at the GM's discretion), but at the cost of many pre-treatment memories.

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