Saturday, April 18, 2015

108. Atlatl

The eternal race between criminals, seeking to bypass fabber restrictions, and security, updating them, has led to a surge in the popularity of "throwbacks," ancient and simple weapon designs. The simplicity of these designs makes them difficult to restrict without also restricting many simple objects.

The atlatl used by many criminals and gangs is a post-singularity update on one of humanities oldest weapons. The atlatl adds leverage to a human throw, allowing for projectile speeds upwards of 150 km/h. Typical designs are the approximate length of a forearm, throwing darts several meters long. When possible, they are made from smart materials that will store energy and redistribute their weight to further amplify the strength of its wielder. A strong morph, using a good design can achieve speeds of upwards of 300 km/h.

While the atlatl itself is a small, simple object easily overlooked by restriction software, the darts can be quite large and are easily recognized as weapons. Some designs are modified to throw small objects such as rocks or grenades.


Atlatls are wielded with the Exotic Ranged Weapon: [Atlatl] skill.

Atlatl [Trivial] DV: 1d10 + 2 + (SOM / 10)* DV Average: 7 + (SOM / 10)* AP: SOM / 10* Ranges: Short SOM, Medium SOM / 2 * 10 Long SOM / 5 * 10 Extreme SOM * 10
* or as grenade.

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