Saturday, April 4, 2015

94. Microraptors

Exotic pets are a lasting trend among the wealthy of the Planetary Consortium. Some animals, like dogs, are perennial favorites. Some, like smart hawks, are part of the rediscovery of ancient aristocratic pastimes. As the market grows, so too does the demand for the truly exotic.

Microraptors are reconstructions of paravian dinosaurs, but microraptors lived too long ago for any DNA to be recoverable, so genetic engineers recreated their physiology from similar species, primarily birds. Unlike birds, microraptors have four wings, and are skilled in both short flights, gliding and climbing.

As pets and smart animals they have been enhanced. Their intelligence and therefore trainability has been increased, raised to the approximate level of a baseline dog. Their claws and feet have been reshaped for dexterous manipulation, and augmented with grip pads. Finally, their plumage is dramatically shaped and colored for aesthetic effect.


Microraptors can be treated as smart hawks, with claws replaced by grip pads.

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