Monday, April 27, 2015

117. Direct-to-Memory

Time is money: the high rate of change in the post-singularity means that even sleepless immortals can find themselves falling behind. Can you afford to spend hours catching up when news is being generated faster than you can process it? When could you possibly find the time to read Dostoyevsky? You could convince yourself that a broader, less detailed understanding of world events is just as good, and that whatever your muse says, The Brothers Karamazov is probably boring, or, you could use direct-to-memory.

Direct-to-memory does not boost your brain's clockspeed like a mental speed augmentation, or allow you to carry on multiple tasks like a multitasking augmentation. It simply implants the memory of having seen/read or otherwise inputted the information. Spend an hour a day gaining a in depth understanding of current events, and throw in a little Dostoyevsky on the side. You'll have all the memories of the book, without having to spend time doing the actual reading.

Memories take time to integrate and become fully accessible. Do not begin direct-to-memory without consulting your psychosurgeon. Restrictions may apply, based on your morph, ego or polity.


Direct-to-memory is instituted as a psychosurgery procedure.

The procedure is fast and relatively easy; it does not even necessarily require a psychosurgeon, but can be performed by an AI.

Timeframe: 1 hour
PM: +30
SV: 1


Based on the concept from Peter Watts' Echopraxia.

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