Wednesday, January 21, 2015

21. Autocannons

On constant overwatch along the TITAN Quarantine Zone, mounted on Barsoomian technicals and Consortium drones, and sometimes even wielded by over-sized exosuits in blood-sport broadcasts, the autocannon has maintained a role on the transhuman battlefield. Autocannons are especially useful in countering the many armored threats of the transhuman battlefield: vehicles, exosuits and synths

Too large to be considered personal weapons by any but large synths and exoskeletons, autocannons are typically mounted on vehicles or as fixed emplacements. They are usually operated either remotely or by on-board AIs. Along the TITAN Quarantine Zone they are also commonly Faraday caged to prevent hacking.

The stats given are for autoncannons loaded with AP rounds, which is their most common loadout. Autocannons can also be loaded with a variety of warheads, which are treated as minimissiles.


Kinetic Autocannon [Expensive] DV: 3d10 + 7* AP: -14*  Firing Modes: BF, FA Ammo: 100
*or as minimissiles.

Rail Autocannon [Expensive] DV: 3d10 + 9* AP: -16*  Firing Modes: BF, FA Ammo: 100
*or as minimissiles.

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  1. This should be handy for a few things I have planned. Thanks for this.