Thursday, January 8, 2015

8. Frute

Biomass is the most valuable materials in many habitats. Only the hyperelite can afford large, regular meals. The working pods and biomorphs subsist on maker-fare: nutrient pastes flavored and 3D printed in imitation of food. When they can afford real food, they prefer to maximize their money with food that is tasty but small and therefore affordable. Snacks have become the new frontier of cuisine.

The new hit on the food market, from Titanian microcorp Island Genetics, is Frute. Frute are miniature fruit, grown in bunches like grapes. Tiny apples, peaches, plums and oranges are available now, with bananas and pineapples in the works. Seedless and with minimal skin, Frute can be chewed and eaten whole. The plant (a large shrub) matures rapidly, and fruits almost every week, providing a steady supply. Frute can be purchased prepackaged, can be picked from public plants that automatically charge you for what you pick, or can be grown yourself. They have become popular houseplants in wealthier households.

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