Tuesday, January 6, 2015

6. Berserkergang

Named for the famous berserk state entered by some old Norse warriors, Berserkergang is an augmentation designed to induce a similar berserk state through a powerful cocktail of combat drugs. Users become indifferent to pain, will ignore injuries, and will push their bodies to the breaking point and beyond.

Transhuman warfare emphasizes intelligence, battlespace control, and an effective command of information, but intense and unpredictable violence still has its place. Some scum militias have experimented with unleashing berserkers on unsuspecting enemies, sowing confusion and fear before a conventional assault. Crime syndicates have also made use of berserkgang when performing high-profile assassinations, such as when a waiter in an unassuming splicer morph suddenly flipped a table and killed a Night Cartel lieutenant, his bodyguards, and several bystanders before succumbing to blood-loss.

The Berserkergang augment is quite rare. They cost more than some morphs, but the inevitable violence of their use means they are usually only used once. Smart animals are augmented with Berserkergang at least as often as transhumans; the Martian police's brief experiment with berserker police baboons still haunt the memories of many.


Treat as Neurachem (Level 2), Adrenal Control, and Drug Gland (MRDR) [Expensive 15,000+]