Tuesday, September 22, 2015

265. The Good, the Bad, and the Name Brand Weapons

Open Source "Rosie"

Rosies were not designed, but born of desperation. The first was created as part of a desperate fight for survival against an exsurgent monster aboard an Earth-Moon shuttle during the Fall. Rosies are made from heavy rivet guns, with a linear motor attached to the end. Rivets fired by the gun are given extra speed by the linear motor, up to ballistically useful velocities.

Rosie [LowDV: 2d10 + 6 DV Average: 17 AP: -7 Firing Modes: SS Ammo: 1
Ranges: Short 0 - 15 Medium 16 - 50 Long 51 - 90 Extreme 91 - 120

Improvised "Electrochucks"

Wielding one electrode in each hand, an arc welder can be turned into a deadly, if awkward weapon. Almost as dangerous to wield as it is to fall victim to, electrochucks are used in gladiatorial entertainment or desperation. With capacitors on a belt or in a backpack, simultaneously touching both electrodes to a target causes a massive flow of electricity, often fatal, as well as severe electrical burns.

 Electrochucks [LowDV: 4d10 DV + Shock Average: 21 AP: 0 Ammo: 1

Omnicor "Sprinkler"

Research into industrial tools, high-energy physics and materials science often suggests weaponized spin-offs. Omnicor is an energy and materials-science oriented company, and has no established arms division, usually selling these ideas to companies like Direct Action or Gorgon Limited. One of the few exceptions is the sprinkler, a design that was simple and cheap enough to be worth manufacturing themselves. The sprinkler holds lead, heated just enough to be a liquid, which is then sprayed through a powerful electromagnetic field which accelerates and further heats the stream.

Sprinkler [ModerateDV: * Average: * AP: * Firing Modes: SA Ammo: 20
Ranges: Short 0 - 5 Medium 6 - 15 Long 16 - 30 Extreme 31 - 50
*As liquid thermite.


  1. Michael W CrichtonMarch 4, 2019 at 2:18 PM

    "Rosie" was inspired by that scene in "The Dirty Pair: Sim Hell", wasn't it? ☺

    1. I am not actually familiar with that. i believe I was thinking of the rivet guns the big daddy's use in Bioshock.