Sunday, May 10, 2015

130. The Immortals

The Immortals are one of the most successful military outfits in the system, comprised of only a few dozen individuals. They are currently under a ten-year contract with Direct Action.

What makes the Immortals the elite of the elite is their incredible breadth and depth of experience. Their members were career soldiers on earth, with decades of experience at the time of the Fall. After the Fall, they joined together to create the Immortals, with a conviction that in order to ensure transhumanity's survival, the system needed transhuman soldiers who would not shy away from exploring their full potential. Unlike many other transhuman, posthuman or exhuman groups seeking to become the best possible warriors, they do not focus on augmentation or equipment: their primary focus is skill and experience. Each member has tens of thousands of hours of mission time. They make heavy use of forking to compensate for their small numbers, and use simulations for training.

Team Praetorian has 9 members, and specializes in body-guarding and police actions. They favor olympians or guard pods, with non-lethal weapons, handguns, and riot shields. Currently they are working as bodyguards for Direct Action executives.

Team Janissary has 21 members and specializes in conventional warfare. They favor reaper morphs outfitted with heavy weapons: machine guns, seeker rifles and plasma rifles. They are currently participating in the war, as well as patrolling the Titan Quarantine Zone.

Team Varangian has 7 members and specializes in raids and special operations. They favor ghost pods with concealable weapons, and also commonly make use of sprayers and buzzers. Currently they are engaged in anti-Barsoomian operation on Mars, as well as excursions into the Titan Quarantine Zone

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