Tuesday, May 12, 2015

132. Frames

Exosuits are designed to give biomorphs access to the advantages of synths. Yet frames, open-source modular exosuits designed for synth wearers, are also growing in popularity. Why design a robot for another robot to wear when you could simply sleeve into it?

Sleeving into a suit as a morph is the best options, giving the greatest degree and depth of control, but  it is not without its downsides. Sleeving takes specialized equipment, and time spent resleeving before and after every mission adds up. Puppeting is also insufficiency, as controlling a suit from a distance introduces latency problems. Frames can allow you to live in a civilian combat morph,while rapidly gaining the abilities of a specialized combat morph when needed.

Other than its requirement for synth wearers, the big draw of frames is their potential for customization. The basic frame is a scaffold attaching to the synth, with longer limbs and a cyberbrain port for direct control. On its own it is underwhelming, but large numbers of modules are available.


The basic framework, including extended limbs and a cyberbrain port for direct control, gives a morph the Increased Size trait and +5 SOM. [High]

Armor plating, bolted to the framework, is equivalent to light body armor, adding 10/10 to armor. (Armor modifications can be added as with any armor) [Moderate]

A back-piece with extendable wings and a thrust-vector system for extended gliding, or maneuvering in zero-g [Moderate]

Weapons can be mounted, usually on the wrists or over the shoulder, allowing the wearer to carry multiple weapons at the ready without encumbrance [Low + weapon cost]

A sensor suite with the capabilities of a 360° pair of specs can be easily incorporated and piped into the wearers sensorium [Moderate]

Most cyberware and robotic enhancements can be used as modules, at the GM's discretion.

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