Saturday, May 30, 2015

150. Exhuman Perspectives

"Cliché goes that communism was a great idea, but for the wrong species. Well, us transhumans can become whatever species we wish. Corruption, greed, mob mentalities, power trips, terrible obsessions; all of these problems can be well and truly solved if only you are willing to take a knife to your foolishness."
Thomas Augustus, AGI and psychosurgury pioneer

"Human morality is of little use, why should lives be respected when we are immortal, why should pain be avoided when sensation can be edited, why should you give credence to an ancient voice in your head that understands only the tribe and the savannah?"
<name withheld>, child kidnapped and raised by an exhuman clade

"Singularity seekers are often committing a teleological fallacy. Greater sophistication, by any metric, is not necessarily the key to success. There are many examples of species on Earth remaining essentially unchanged over hundreds of millions of years, because they occupied the right niche. Careful, lateral change can be more worthwhile than simple increases in power."
Excerpt from initial Exhuman response, Exhuman/Singularity Seeker debate

"It took the TITANs to convince us to embrace what our technology has made possible. Lot less flats around then there used to be. Transhumanity has proven it thrives on adversity."
Unsleeping Golem Whose Mind Journeys Too Far, known Exhuman terrorist

"A species has one strategy for survival. Species go extinct regularly. Ecosystems are diverse, the extinction of every single species is rare. Do not limit yourself to one ego. Be fruitful, multiply, and become your own ecosystem."

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