Thursday, February 5, 2015

36. Seeker Nest

The spiritual successor to landmines, seeker nests fill the role of area denial and automatic interdiction. Seeker nests have many advantages over landmines. A single nest can cover a large area (~2km radius.) They can react appropriately to different levels of threats by using different warheads. They are a common feature of many heavily secured zones, such as the TITAN Quarantine Zone of Mars, as well as habitats with appropriate open spaces.

A typical seeker nest consists of 16 single-use launch tubes containing mini missiles. This nest will be linked to a network of sensors, spread over its area of coverage. If hacking is a concern, sensors will be connected through laser links or physical cables. When a recognized hostile enters the area, the nest launches an appropriate warhead or swarm of warheads. Some militant groups have improvised similar systems out of emplaced seeker weapons and cheap sensors.


A seeker nest is [Moderate]

A seeker nest has the sames stats as a seeker rifle, with the ability to fire its entire capacity in one salvo if necessary.

Seeker nests use specialized AIs with Seeker Weapons 40 and Perception 40.

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