Thursday, February 26, 2015

57. Metabolic Chamber

Hunger is one of the biggest disadvantages of biomorphs, so it may seem strange to find an augmentation designed to allow synthmorphs to eat. The ability to metabolize local chemicals for energy and material has its advantages, however, and makes an effective backup for the traditional nuclear batteries.

A metabolic chamber processes its food in two stages. First, heat induces burning, releasing energy that is absorbed by the chamber's systems. Second, a scavenger nanoswarm is excreted, gathering any material that might be useful for the synth's maintenance and/or repair. Finally, any remaining material is expelled as a fine powder.

Installation of a metabolic chamber can require significant restructuring to make room in the neck and abdomen, so the chamber is often installed externally. Sometimes one is even carried as separate gear, used to recharge electronics. On Titan, solar chargers are ineffective do to the distance of the sun, but metabolic chambers can make use of the moon's abundant hydrocarbons.


A metabolic chamber is cyberware or gear [Low]

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