Wednesday, March 4, 2015

63. Screen and Strike

Direct Action is determined that their doctrine will accurately reflect the realities of rapidly changing fields of technology, so the continued success of the war is measured by its continued production of new methods and tactics. One of the most effective tactics, adapted for use by martian Rangers and other planet based forces, is the "screen and strike".

The "screen" element consists of small, fast bots (commonly saucers.) They are equipped with small weapons with high rates of fire (commonly shard pistols or rail smgs) or stunning abilities (commonly microwave agonizers or electrolaser stunners). Each weapon is equipped with a laser sight, capable of painting targets for seekers. The "strike" element can consist of any combat force with sufficient seeker weapons and missiles.

The screen element maintains a circle around the strike element. The size of the circle will depend on the size of the screen element, up to the maximum range of seeker weapons (2 or 3 km). Otherwise, the circle will be as large as possible while still allowing for a dense screen. When a screen bot spots a hostile, it suppresses and/or stuns the target, while using its laser to guide in seekers from the strike element.

Ideally, this tactic allows for a patrol to effectively engage hostile infantry at virtually no risk to themselves, with cheap robots as the only casualties. Realistically, there are weaknesses. The tactic depends on the ability of the screen to detect the enemy; if an infiltrator works their way past, they can hit the strike element directly. The screen element must be produced in great numbers, and are generally not equipped to deal with heavy threats; any hostile that can ignore suppression and stunning can simply push through. Finally, the tactic is designed for 2d open landscapes, it is impractical in urban, 3d or otherwise complex environments.


  1. This is some really good GM advice. Do you have mechanics to go along with it?

    1. It should work with the normal combat rules, although I haven't been able to test it.