Thursday, March 5, 2015

64. Butterfly Parlor

Butterfly Parlors are one of Luna's most elegant and mildly disturbing high-class eateries, and look ready to move from trend to tradition. A parlor typically serves juices, teas, and carefully engineered butterflies called EatMes, who will attempt to crawl into your mouth.

EatMes are genetically altered in three ways. The most important is an attraction to saliva, which they treat like sugar-water. Second, an enhanced flavor, particularly heightened sweetness. Finally, they have bright and varied coloration, enhanced by a minimalist clear and white interior design. The EatMes fly unrestricted throughout the parlor, sipping from plates of sugar-water and regularly attempting to enter customers mouths, at which point they can be eaten. Many upper-class patrons enjoy the combination of a casual, cafe style atmosphere, enhanced by the elegance of the EatMes, with a key touch of perversion and barbarity.


  1. Harry Potter style, with an edge. And hilarious. I want to go to one of these parlors.

  2. I'd go to one of these too. They sound delicious! What about fireflies flitting around called DrinkMe and filled with bioluminescent juice?