Sunday, March 29, 2015

88. Metamorph

Metamorphs are the current pet project of Gloria de la Poer, one of her personal visions of immortality. Gloria does not believe in immortality as preservation; to her mind change is always necessary and stagnation to be feared. Her metamorphs are designed not to fit a single purpose, but to fit themselves to many purposes as may be needed. A metamorph can survive on Mars, in the seas of Europa, and in the Venusian skies, or act as an effective socialite, savant, or combatant, as long as it is given time to prepare itself.

The primary feature of the metamorph is its ability to metamorphose. The morph can begin metamorphosis as a conscious decision, with control over what changes occur. In the first stage, the morph begins to secrete large amounts of fluid from all pores and orifices. This fluid hardens into a tough, tight shell. Once this has been done, the morph releases specialized, symbiotic retroviruses, rewriting the changing genetic code. Accelerated apoptosis and mitosis occurs, rapidly replacing old cells with those expressing the new modifications, and building new tissues and organs as needed. Once this process has been completed, the morph secretes an enzyme, dissolving the shell, and emerging. The brain and continuity of the ego are carefully maintained, unless brain altering modifications are chosen, in which case no promises can be made. The ego remains in a dreamless sleep during metamorphosis.


Metamorphs are biomorphs.

Enhancements: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 40
Wound Threshold: 8
Advantages: Metamorphosis*, +5 to two aptitudes of the player's choice
CP Cost: 50
Credit Cost: Expensive (75,000+)

*The metamorph is capable of metamorphosis, secreting a hard shell (treated as carapace armor (11/11)), and altering its form. The metamorph may re-select its aptitude bonuses, and shift between up to 25,000 credits worth of bioware. The metamorph may also heal itself, as if in a healing vat. This process takes 24 hours, plus 1 hour per cost category of gained or lost enhancements (as with nanofabrication) as well as aptitude bonuses. Any healing time is added to this total.

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  1. Good thing for "buyer's remorse" from players. I really like it!