Friday, March 20, 2015

79. Sensor Grenades

Sensor grenades and missiles have become one of the most used pieces of armament in many military and police forces. A sudden onslaught of the terahertz-wave radar emitting and sensing warheads is a common prelude to a raid on Mars. Others use sticky grenades as discrete sensor traps, hiding them throughout a location, then activating them all at once for instant omniscience.

Typically the grenade/missile is thrown/fired, but will not automatically activate. Rather, the user sends a command to activate, the sensor gives off one quick burst of t-rays, then sends its information to its user in another quick burst, lasting in all only fractions of a second. Each pulse only gives a still image: grenade scan emit as often as the user commands, while missiles usually only work once.  Models using their emitters and sending data continuously were ultimately abandoned as they opened too easy a route for hackers into the sensorium of users.


Sensor grenades/missiles are used with the Throwing Weapons/Seeker Weapons skills. [Low]

Like other grenades and missiles, sensor grenades/missiles are available in standard, micro and mini sizes. A standard grenade or minimissile gives off a t-ray pulse as the t-ray emitter augmentation, effective out to 20 meters in atmosphere or 100 in vacuum. A micro grenade or micromissile has half the effective range, and a standard missile has twice the effective range.

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