Sunday, March 22, 2015

81. Eusocial Monkey Butlers

The eusocial monkey butlers of many gerentocrat hyperelite estates are the unlikely application of two experiments in monkey domestication. First, the use of monkeys as service animals was bolstered by the development of "smart" breeds, bred and engineered for intelligence, sociability and trainability. Second a retired genetic engineer and nouveau hypoerelite used some of his fortune to splice naked mole rats with macaques, attempting to produce a eusocial primate. The engineer eventually mixed his eusocial monkeys with the helpful smarts, selling the resulting species as animal servants for the home.

Eusocial monkeys get most of their brains from macaques and naked mole rats, but their bodies from capuchins. They are divided into three castes, with pupulations between numbering two and four dozen. The first caste are the housekeepers, who interact most often with people, helping and performing chores. The second caste are the hivekeepers, who maintain the monkey hive by retrieving and preparing food, caring for the young, and whatever maintenance is required. The third caste are the mothers, who spend most of their lives pregnant, maintaining the hive's numbers. A eusocial monkey butler hive is usually given its own room, with small tunnels leading throughout the house. The monkeys will build their hive from fabrics and woven string; if not provided with this material they may resort to scavenging.

The usefulness of the monkey butlers comes from their numbers and intelligence. A single hive supports enough housekeepers for all but the largest manors, They can be trained to carry out most of the tasks required of a house servant, from cleaning to simple cooking, and only one monkey has to be taught, as the monkeys are eager to teach each other anything important they may have learned.


Treat eusocial monkey butlers as Smart Monkeys, sold by the hive. [Expensive]

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