Monday, March 2, 2015

61. Myrmidon

The exhuman now know as Myrmidon was born in the Guangzhou megacity an estimated 16 years before the Fall. He made a meager living scavenging material for fabber feedstock. As the Fall progressed, his skill at scavenging and knowledge of his local neighborhoods enabled him dig in and survive, until he was one of only a handful of scattered human remnants. He was picked up by one of the last desperate rescue missions, and sent to refugee processing on a Go-Nin orbital station.

Go-Nin aptitude tests revealed a bright mind with a talent for unweaving complex systems. Go-Nin gave him training in psychosurgery and put him to work on his fellow refugees, where he excelled. He found his work less and less interesting, however, and left his contract at the earliest available opportunity.

He slowly worked his way to the main belt, where he eventually joined with an exhuman clade on Extropia conducting experimental psychosurgery. Again, he excelled, learning rapidly from the exhumans, eventually playing a key role in the development of fork hives. As soon as the work was deemed reliable, he became a fork hive himself, at which point he spread across the system.

The Myrmidon sub-group inhabiting the war were invited by Direct Action to participate as non-aligned agents and simulation variables. Planetary Consortium prognostication systems have been predicting rising influence by hives, gestalts and group minds, and Direct Action wishes to study a potential future enemy. For their part, Myrmidon states that they wish the most realistic training possible, although protesting Direct Action executives maintain that Myrmidon, too, are studying future enemies, and may learn too much.


Morph: Fenrir

Motivations: +Exhumanism, +Personal Development, +Survival

COG 20 COO 20 INT 20 REF 20 SAV 10 SOM 30 WIL 20
MOX - INIT 8 SPD LUC 40 TT IR 80 DUR 80 WT 16 DR 160

Active Skills: Climbing 55, Demolitions 50, Disguise 35, Fray 68, Freerunning 50, Intimidation 40, Kinetic Weapons 68, Medicine: Biosculpting 70, Medicine: Implant Surgery 50, Medicine Psychiatry 50, Networking: Hypercorps 40, Networking: Scientists 50, Perception 73, Psychosurgery 75, Seeker Weapons 60, Unarmed Combat 90

Knowledge Skills: Academics: Genetics 60, Academics: Psychology 50, Interests: Cutting-Edge Technology 60, Interests: Exhumans 70, Interests: TITAN Tech 50, Language: Cantonese (Native): 90, Profession: Post-Apocalyptic Survival 50, Profession: Scavenging 50, Profession: Squad Tactics 60

Ego Traits: Anomalous Mind

Morph Traits: Armor (16/16)

Reputation: c-rep 50, @-rep 50

Implants: 360-Degree Vision, Access Jacks, Anti-Glare, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Direction Sense, Ego Sharing (1), Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision, Extra Limbs (4), Heavy Combat Armor, Lidar, Medichines, Mnemonic Augmentation, Pneumatic Limbs, Radar, Structural Enhancement, T-Ray Emitter, Weapon Mount (External, Articulated, 8)

Gear: x6 Rail Machine Guns w/ AP Rounds, x2 Seeker Rifles w/ HE and Splash Warheads, Nanohives (Repair, Engineering, Protean, Dissasembler)

Armor: 16/16

Note that Myrmidon is a fork hive. The stats given are for typical egos encountered in the war, a martial sub-group. Variation from ego to ego is to be expected.

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