Saturday, August 8, 2015

220. Basilisks

One of the most popular of Fortean's mythological recreations, basilisks serve as both beautiful pets and potent guards. Embodying the dispassionate cruelty of both birds and reptiles, their iridescent scales give them a great aesthetic appeal, and their sharp talons and beaks, enhanced with deadly poison, make them serious threats in combat.

The basilisk is in fact a heavily altered chicken. The wings have been turned into forelegs, making them quadrupedal, and the feathers grow so thick and dense they have become scales. The head is mostly the same, although the beak is now that of a bird of prey and their combs enhanced with bold colors to give a majestic appearance. Basilisks cannot, of course, paralyze with a gaze, but poison glands secreting BTX2 achieve a similar effect.


Basilisks are smart animals [High]

COG COO 15 INT 10 REF 20 SAV SOM 25 WIL 10 

Skills: Freerunning 50, Fray 30, Infiltration 30, Perception 40, Unarmed Combat 40
Enhancements: Carapace Armor (11/11), Claws, Poison Gland (BTX2),
Movement Rate: 4/20
Attack: Claws, 1d10 + 2 DV, AP −1
Armor: 11/11

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