Sunday, August 23, 2015

235. Kunthea Intelligence Fund

The Kunthea Intelligence Fund is a charitable organization created for the purpose of increasing the intelligence of transhumanity. They were founded by the Kunthea hyperelite dynasty, probably as a political move to consolidate their reputation in the third world, but none of them survived the Fall. Their greatest accomplishment in recent memory was acquiring the patents for Drive and Neem and releasing them into public domain. More often, they subsidize the development and purchase of nootropics, mental augmentations, psychosurgeries and educational software.

Plot Hook: Investigation into numerous archives has revealed that the fund has been active in large numbers of dangerous projects, up to and including the creation of seed AIs. Furthermore, their new post-Fall director has gaps in his record consistent with participation in the development of the TITANs. Firewall is therefore planning simultaneous raids, in both realspace and over the mesh, to determine what they might be up to now. They need a team to participate in the initial raids and to follow up on whatever is discovered.

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