Monday, August 24, 2015

236. Terracotta Warriors of Mars

The terracotta warriors of Mars are Fa Jing security bots with a special aesthetic. The hypercorp wanted a special design of security robot for public use on Mars, where their typical bots might be considered overly intimidating. The designer, Wu Ping, came up with a design mimicking the ancient Terracotta Army. The terracotta-esque coating of the robots is complimented by the brown-red of Mars, and their ancient Chinese origin fits Fa Jing's usual public face.

The bulkiness of the statues gave Wu Ping a chance to overbuild and produce a robot with armor and durability normally associated with war machines. Enhanced vision plus a T-ray emitter gives them excellent situational awareness, especially when searching for hidden weapons and smuggling compartments. A microwave agonizer is concealed in their foreheads, a freezer is hidden in their mouths, and their forearms contain rail SMGs firing from the palm.

The terracotta warriors can be found on patrols in and around Fa Jing facilities on Mars, where their combination of durability and non-lethal weaponry make them suited to police work and guard work. The largest concentration is outside New Dazhai, Fa Jing's company town, where, when they are not in use, they power down in ranks outside like their ancient counterparts.


Terracotta warriors are robots [Expensive]

Movement Rate: 4/20 Max Velocity: 20 Armor: 16/16 Durability: 50 Wound Threshold: 10 Mobility System: Walker

Enhancements: Access Jacks, Enhanced Vision, Heavy Combat Armor, Structural Enhancement, T-Ray Emitter, Weapon Mounts (1 Concealed Swiveling w/ Microwave Agonizer, 1 Concealed Swiveling w/ Freezer, 2 Concealed Articulated w/ Heavy Rail SMGs)

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