Sunday, August 16, 2015

228. Magnetar

Magnetically sheathed batons, popularly dubbed magnetars, do not look like they might slice through a steel beam. They resemble swords, but with the blade replaced by a cylinder of dark metal somewhat resembling rebar, and with a cable emerging from the bottom of the handle, attached to a battery usually worn on the hip. When turned on, the "blade" is surrounded by a magnetic field, limited in range but immensely powerful. The field causes magnetic materials, such as iron, to deform and rapidly heat, allowing the magnetar to melt through. Against other materials, of course, the blade has little to no effect.

While anyone would expect a magnetar to be useless against biomorphs, they are not useful against synths a often as might be expected. Transhumanity uses less and less materials like iron and steel, and more and more nanotech built exotics, designed to be inert in all ways except those a design calls for. You are more likely to see a magnetar being used as an industrial tool than as as a weapon.


Magnetar [Moderate] mechanics depend on whether it is being used against a ferromagnetic material

Against magnetic substances, magnetars are wielded with the Blades skill.
DV: 3d10 + (SOM / 10)  Average: 15 + (SOM / 10) AP: -5

Against non-magnetic substances, magnetars are wielded with the Clubs skill.
DV: 1d10 + (SOM / 10) Average: 5 + (SOM / 10) AP: -

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