Wednesday, August 12, 2015

224. Fruit

The Fruit clubs of Luna and Mars are a franchise of 24/7 nightclubs oriented around soma fruit. The clubs have had only mixed success expanding into Extropia and the outer system, as franchising is an unpopular business model, and autonomists find them dull.

Fruit clubs offer a variety of soma fruit, to be picked right from the tree, vine, or shrub. Caffeinated lemons, amphetamined limes, aphrodisiacal cherries, lightly alcoholic peaches, medium alcoholic apples, heavily alcoholic potatoes, a variety of hallucinogenic berries, and mood-altering nuts are the standards, with rotations of experimental types.

The clubs are laid out as indoor orchards. Their layouts are designed to be larger than they appear, capable of hosting large amounts of people while still maintaining private, intimate spaces. Soft grass and moss carpets the floors, flowering and fruit bearing trees are carefully grown to mimic pillars and branch across ceilings, while shrubs and and bushes enclose secluded areas.

Plot Hook: A few cheshires have found their way into the local franchise and discovered the joys of alcoholic fruit. The owner will give 1000 credits to whoever can herd the drunken, invisible cats away.

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  1. This is hilarious. I love the concept of fruits spiked with drugs, and the unusual club scene. And the reward for the cat....