Friday, April 10, 2015

100. Bloat

Bloat is a fibrous white pseudo-fungus. Like most Chimeran pseudo-fungi, bloat uses RNA instead of DNA, is extremely tenacious, and capable of withstanding many environments. One of those environments is living animal tissue.

Bloat's airborne spores infect the soft-tissues: primarily airways. The spores germinate when exposed to warmth and moisture, growing into thin white tendrils that begin to infiltrate the body. As growth progresses, the body begins to appear pale and puffy, and pressing into the skin will begin to leave lasting indentations. The growth will inevitably begin to interfere with bodily processes, beginning near the site of infection, leading to death by organ failure. Cutting into a bloat corpse reveals more fungal fibers than animal tissue, and releases clouds of spores.


Characters exposed to bloat spores must make a DUR * 2 or be infected (characters with medichines are immune). Untreated growth removes one point from each aptitude per day. When any aptitude reaches 0, the character dies. [Expensive]

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