Tuesday, April 14, 2015

104. Democracy

Direct-democracies are a popular form of government in the Autonomist Alliance. Even those societies that are not wholly democratic often use democratic processes.

The difficulties of implementing direct democracy is greatly eased by post-singulairty technology. Many voters have their muses give their likely vote on routine matters. Some systems, allow voters to grant and rescind their votes, at will, to politicians and political parties. In others AIs embodying political philosophies or pursuing certain causes are favored. Someone might pledge their votes to the priorities of opening up trade, voting automatically on any related issue, next to a social stability oriented AI, voting in place of any pledged citizens, and have their muse handle anything that slips through the cracks.

Plot Hook: One of the political AIs of an Autonomist Alliance society has begun broadening its interest from embodying secular-transhumanism and begun making grander and grander promises to voters, speaking obscurely of "our benefactors". Firewall believes the AI is the early signs of TITAN infestation, and tasks the players with investigating.

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