Saturday, April 11, 2015

101. Tentaball

A tentaball is exactly what it sounds like: a bowling ball sized sphere with one handle, containing compact coils of synthetic-muscle tentacles. The spheres are thrown, and upon impact the tentacles rapidly expands and begin attempting to coil themselves around anything nearby. They were originally conceived of as a way to subdue and restrain from a distance. They are used by police and security forces, but are not generally the first choice, as they have a tendency to break limbs. Scum occasionally try to design a sport around them, but so far nothing has caught on.


Tentaballs use the throwing skill. [Low]

A tentaball makes 1d4 attempts to subdue anyone or anything within 1 meter of its impact point. A tentaball has 20 SOM and Unarmed Combat 50 for this purpose.

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