Monday, April 20, 2015

110. Coiled Canines

"Coiled Canines" is the catch-all term among the hyperelite for a popular type of exotic pet: limbless and snake-like mixes of dogs and weasels. Weasel genes provide long, sinuous bodies, engineered to lack limbs and for greater length. Dog genes provide dog-like friendliness and temperament. Strengthened abdomen muscles allow them to move like snakes, even coiling themselves to climb. They often enjoy coiling around and clinging to the limbs of their owners, or wrapping around their necks like scarves.

In the exotic pet market, uniqueness dominates and many suppliers will create only small amounts of new varieties of pets. The original creator of the coiled canines is unknown, a fly-by-night boutique genetic engineering lab specializing in exotic pets. Since the canines first appeared, however, they have proven to be more than a fad. With no-one claiming any patents or copyrights, most of the pet labs of Luna and Mars have created their own varieties. Fox-like, cat-like, mouse-like and more are all available, and in any color.


Coiled canines can be treated as smart raccoons [High]

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