Wednesday, April 1, 2015

91. Yutani Nu

Yutani Nu was one of the first children raised in the agōgē, and one of the best. He was the first agōgē student to be raised to the rank of exemplar, is a recognized master of several martial styles, and a respected scholar of Ultimate philosophy. Rumors say that he was parented by an autarch; he certainly seems to have received the best possible tutoring.

Nu was instantiated into the agōgē as a newborn, the best of thousands of combinations of Ultimate heroes. Like all agōgē students, he spent his early years learning the basics of outer system survival, and combat. He killed early, a fellow student during a botched raid on his bunker. The next time he was attacked, he managed to kill a parent from ambush, but took her student hostage instead of killing him. He treated the girl as a fellow student, playing war-games, sparring, and studying with her. When she was killed by a malfunctioning vaccsuit, he recycled her body personally.

On his graduation from the simulation, Nu hit the ground running. He volunteered for any mercenary contracts available, taking part in TQZ incursions, gatecrashing missions and special actions against the seceding Morningstar Constellation. Now that he has achieved the rank of exemplar, his interests have become more abstract, and he mixes philosophical study with sports, sparring and games. It is expected he will apply for agōgē parenthood soon.


Morph: Remade

Motivations: +Ultimates, +Personal Development, +Survival

COG 20 COO 20 INT 15 REF 15 SAV 15 SOM 30 WIL 30
MOX - INIT 6 SPD 1 LUC 60 TT 12 IR 120 DUR 40 WT 8 DR 60

Active Skills: Animal Handling 45, Blades 78, Climbing 60, Demolitions 40, Fray 63, Free Fall 45, Freerunning 70, Hardware: Industrial 60, Intimidation 45, Kinetic Weapons 83, Medicine: Paramedic 50, Navigation 35, Networking: Ultimates 45, Perception 55, Pilot: Groundcraft 45, Seeker Weapons 45, Throwing Weapons 50, Unarmed Combat 90

Knowledge Skills: Language: Hindi (Native) 80, Academics: Philosophy 85, Academics: Psychology 60, Interest: Ancient Sports 60, Profession: Post-Apocalyptic Survival 60, Profession: Scavenging 60

Ego Traits: Ambidextrous

Morph Traits: Uncanny Valley

Reputation: c-rep 50, u-rep 90

Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Circadian Regulation, Cortical Stack, Eidetic Memory, Hyper Linguist, Enhanced Respiration, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision, Medichines, T-Ray Emitter, Temperature Tolerance, Toxin Filters, Clean Metabolism


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    1. It is the philosophy of the strong, Diane, the philosophy of survival! When the TITANs return, the Ultimates will prevail and the weaker factions will fall like wheat.