Tuesday, April 21, 2015

111. Trilobite

Ground-based, wheeled or tracked morphs and vehicles come to the table with significant disadvantages; even on those planets where ground travel dominates, everything on the battlefield must be able to compete with a reaper, capable of smooth transitions between walking, jumping and flying. The trilobite drone tank competes by exploiting one key niche for all it is worth: staying low, remaining unnoticed, and being virtually indestructible.

Thanks to the lack of a need for any crew, the trilobite is smaller than one might expect from a tank. Like its namesake, it has a low, smooth profile, keeping it close to the ground, and its AIs are programmed to drive like water flows and favor the low points in a landscape. Chameleon skin and radar absorbent enhancements make it even more difficult to notice. When it does attract fire, its thick armor, built from the best energy diffusing materials and refined through evolutionary algorithms, is capable of taking tremendous punishment.

Trilobites are currently operated by the Mars Authority, Lunar-Lagrange Alliance, and Titanian Commonwealth. Few other polities combine a need for heavy hardware with an expansive surface suitable for tank warfare, and reapers remain the favorites.


Trilobites are robots [Expensive]

Movement Rate: 4/40 Max Velocity: 40 Armor: 32/32 Durability: 40 Wound Threshold: 8 Mobility System: Treaded

Enhancements: 360 Degree Vision, Access Jacks, Chameleon Skin, Enhanced Vision, Heavy Combat Armor, Radar Absorbent, 2 Weapon Mounts (1 Swivel with Rail Machine-gun, 1 Swivel with Seeker Rifle with HE/HEAP minimissiles)

Trilobite AIs are typically programmed with Kinetic Weapons 40, Seeker Weapons 40, Perception 40, and Infiltrate 40.

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