Wednesday, February 4, 2015

35. Sensites

Another in the failed product lines of designer symbiotes, Sensites, unlike famine worms, offer direct, functional augmentation. Distilled from parasitic nematodes, Sensites have been heavily engineered for relative gigantism, and sensitivity to various electromagnetic spectrums.

Sensites are most commonly available in aerosol cans. To apply, a user simply sprays the eggs on bare skin. The little worms hatch, and migrate to the underside of the skin, where they live long, slow lives. Upon exposure to their pre-programmed spectrum of radiation, they begin to rapidly spasm. An experienced user can judge the strength of different fields, and, if the sensites have been applied in lateral lines, gradients as well. Overall, however, the sense is rough and outclassed by newer options.


Sensites are bioware [Low]

Sensites can be made to react to most electromagnetic spectrums. The user can tell overall strength and the direction of powerful sources, but with little detail.

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