Saturday, February 28, 2015

59. Eudaimonia Gland

The eudaimonia gland began, almost a century ago, with research into the biofabrication of psychotropic medications and nootropics. Innovations that allowed for the manufacture of these substances by engineered bacteria eventually led to the ability of  the human body to create them. Specialized glands for specific compounds eventually gave way to more generalized designs. The eudaimonia gland is the culmination of this research: a single gland producing a broad spectrum of beneficial mind altering substances.

A eudaimonia gland sits at the base of the brain, constantly sampling brain chemistry and secreting varieties of psychotropics based on those samples. The gland is deliberately capable of creating only small doses, so as to avoid overdoses. This means that the gland can not, in itself, provide complete treatment for all but the mildest of mental illnesses, but it does blunt the edge of stresses and traumas, and they have seen a huge surge in use since the Fall.


A eudaimonia gland is bioware [Moderate]

Treat as a drug gland (Comfurt).

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