Saturday, February 14, 2015

45. Octodoc

Typically found hanging from the ceiling in an operating suite, an Octodoc gets its name from the six to twelve limbs which emerge from a center anchor. Each limb typically ends in a surgical tool or generic manipulator. Rooted in telepresence systems for remote surgery, Octodocs eventually became autonomous, capable of specifically requested surgeries and performing their own diagnostics. Like Kleenex and Band-Aids, Octodocs are actually a brand, but have also become a generic name for any multi-limbed surgery robot.

Octodocs have been rendered largely obsolete by medichines and healing vats.


Octodocs are robots [Moderate]

An Octodoc AI has Medicine 40.

Plot Hook: An Octodoc recently cut itself from the ceiling with a bone saw, worked its way to a neighboring room containing an unconscious mafia lieutenant, then killed him with scalpels and surgical lasers. High g-rep will be rewarded to anyone who can trace the hack and eliminate the hacker.

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