Tuesday, February 17, 2015

48. Programmed Identity

The most convincing liars are those who do not realize that they are lying. In the information saturated societies of the solar system, effective deception can be virtually impossible to get away with. Even a good disguise and forged ID can only go so far. For the best covert agents, the disguise is real, the new identity fooling their own minds.

A programmed identity is created in only two steps. First, removal of one set of memories from easy access, and second, creation of a more readily available set of memories. The procedure is most effective if combined with altered habits and other personality traits, although going too far in this direction replaces the ego entirely. To the altered agent, the created identity is natural and easily accepted. While their real memories still exist, and can be accessed when appropriate, they come only with patience and effort, like trying to remember a word on the tip of your tongue. 


The creation of a programmed identity is a psychosurgical procedure. A programmed identity grants +30 to deception rolls involved with maintaining a cover.

Timeframe: 1 week
PM: -10
SV: (1d10 / 2, round up)

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