Sunday, February 8, 2015

39. Domesticated Limb

The octopus is the uplift most different from humanity. In a wild species, as much as two thirds of an octopus' neurons are located in their limbs. In uplifted octomorphs the size of the primary brain is increased, but half of their neurons are still located in their limbs. The tentacles of octopuses and octomorphs therefore have a significant degree of autonomy, capable of grasping and feeling on their own initiative. The semi-autonomy of these limbs has led to the development of one of the most unique martial arts in transhuman history.

"Domesticated limb" (as translated from octopus color language) is a martial art dedicated to the training of octomorph tentacles. The focus of training is not on the ego, but on the nervous systems of the limbs, training their reflexes to perform combat-useful actions. A master of domesticated limb, or more precisely, their tentacles, are capable of choking someone out, breaking an arm, or dissembling a gun, with no conscious attention whatsoever. This comes with problems, as there have been cases in the past of domesticated limb practitioners accidentally subduing random passers-by.


Domesticated limb is treated as an Unarmed Combat specialization, active whenever the user is in a octomorph.

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  1. I really love these martial arts specializations. Keep 'em coming!