Thursday, June 18, 2015

169. Knockout

Knockout is the market name for a designer drug with some unsettling applications. The drug suppresses higher brain functions, turning users into high-functioning zombies.

Freed from the burdens of conscious thought, zombies have rapid reaction times and are powerful in combat. Knockout users are no different, but most polities have shied away from its use as a combat drug, feeling that unconscious soldiers are even less trustworthy than than those filled with adrenaline and amphetamines. It doesn't help that the drug can have strong interactions with other drugs and augmentations: experiments with knockout/MRDR cocktails produced confused berserkers, unsure of what to do except follow the urges of their synthetic bloodlust.

In contrast to its potential as a combat drug, some have been using it as a way to avoid drudgery and routine work. As long as a task does not require much in the way of higher brain functions, a user can dose themselves and come to hours later, with their work completed. Knockout is characterized by a total lack of experience, and so is otherwise unpopular.


Knockout is a nanodrug [Moderate]

Type: Nano Application: Inj, O Duration: 1 day Addiction Modifier: - Addiction Type: Mental

Users are effected as if by the unconscious lead sleight for the drug's duration. They receive (1d10/2) - X SV upon using it, where X equals the number of times the user has previously used the drug.

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