Thursday, June 11, 2015

162. Olympus Asylum and Spa

The Olympus Asylum and Spa is the premier Martian location for resleeving, augmentation, and psychosurgery (both therapeutic and elective). Our skilled team of massage therapists, physical therapists, implant surgeons, geneticists, and psychosurgeons are here to give you the best possible augmentation experience.

The building itself is near the top of Olympus' caldera, built through the ridge, with offices, common rooms and surgical suites overlooking the city, and patient rooms overlooking the martian landscape. The facility has heavy security to ensure the privacy of their high-profile guests. Access is only through a purpose-built inclinator/cafe up the side of the caldera, serving no other facility, and the slopes are closely observed.

Plot Hook: One of the players has checked in to receive treatment for their Firewall related stresses, to gain some high quality augmentations, or as the best way to sleeve into an unfamiliar morph. Their treatment goes well, but they notice a wing of the facility that is kept off-limits, and catch hints that it is used for psychosurgical experiments of the sort Firewall would be interested in.

Plot Hook: For two days communication between the facility and the outside world has been cut off, the inclinator has remained at the top, and no one has left. A singularity seeker had payed a hefty bribe to use their facilities for experimental psychosurgury, and Firewall suspects that something has gone terribly wrong.

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